San Francisco restaurant workers recoup pay in settlement Read more at the San Francisco Examiner:

17. Dec, 2012 47972 Comments

More than 200 San Francisco workers received nearly $500,000 in back pay and overtime owed to them by employers, according to the local Wage and House Division of the U.S. Department of Labor.

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Waitresses say restaurant forces them to drink with immigrant customers to run up bills

12. Dec, 2012 11877 Comments

Exclusive: Patricia Sanchez, who is suing her former bosses at La Fogata, a Mexican restaurant and bar in Bushwick, Brooklyn, says bosses failed to pay minimum wage and illegally deducted money from her pay.

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Restaurant Workers Bamboozled Out of Overtime Pay

10. Dec, 2012 24787 Comments

Restaurant owners are ripping off their employees.  It happens at all kinds of restaurants from famous high end places to pizza joints.  Here is a video we shot about an overtime pay class action brought against restaurateur Mario Batali and his partners.

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Federal minimum wage rules govern how they can be pooled among restaurant workers

3. Dec, 2012 63570 Comments

Jesse Seager was mortified when he found out that what he was doing was wrong.

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Another Celebrity Chef Runs Afoul of Tip Pooling Rules

1. Nov, 2012 8431 Comments

In March 2012, a lawsuit was filed against Master Chef Graham Elliot by 14 former employees over tip pooling requirements at his self-titled restaurant.

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Mario Batali Restaurants Settle Tip Pool Lawsuit For $5.25 Million

16. Oct, 2012 25056 Comments

The latest news in celebrity chef wage and hour litigation is that eight New York restaurants owned by Mario Batali have agreed to settle $5.25 million to settle a class action lawsuit alleging that they illegally withheld tips from hourly service workers.

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